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The packages contain instructions that are executed by each node separately. For any operation you perform in the network, a new data package is created. The blocks represent a collection of the latest packages distributed through the network. Below the last blocks received are displayed. A block can contain up to 250 packages and has the maximum size of 250kb.

Block Header    

Confirmations :   25

Block Hash : 00000cf4bc410cc4a43bf6c591d293fedb47d807087f8971ff568e8f9a3f4714   

Prev hash : 0000265ab9fb978d44192fd8c01bdec39579d9e5ba06f541f8136346b101d8ff

Block Number : 182661

Signer : ...j0T4YX+dJF7aKb+iNC2A...  full address

Signer Balance: MSK

Nonce: 3728253484

Size: 2.33 KBytes

Difficulty: 0000000024d9c6c426c3fccfa41363982a652a876750bc963e9331130defea4c

Packets: 1


Data Feed Packet
Hash : 5d1f7b4da9b4f257468776ace...
182661 8 days



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